Get A Library Card

How To Get A Library Card

What do I need to know?

Applications are done in person at Sump Memorial Library or the Digital Library at Papillion Landing. Accommodations are made on a case by case basis. Please call us at (402)597-2040 for registration accommodations.

There are different types of library cards. Please reference the list on this page to find out which card you qualify for.

What do I need to bring with me to get a library card?

Please bring a photo ID and a secondary piece of mail with your name and address on it. We will also accept digital mail and car registrations as your secondary proof of address.

Welcome to the Papillion Public Library!

Are there different library cards that I can choose from?

Yes, we mainly offer:

  1. Resident Full Membership 
  2. Non-Resident 1 Year Full Membership
  3. Non-Resident 4 Month Full Membership 
  4. Digital Access Membership

See explanations for each of these memberships below.

Resident Full Membership

Residents who live inside the city limits of Papillion are taxed for library services and may receive a card without an additional charge. This card goes up for renewal every five years unless there is a change of address.

Non-Resident Full Membership

1 Year (Entire Household): $50

4 Months (Entire Household): $20

Those living outside city limits (including those in a SID, even with a Papillion address) are not taxed for library services and therefore are required to pay a fee for full membership. Papillion SID residents (and members of Papillion Landing) are eligible for Digital Access Memberships (see below).

Digital Access Membership

Residents of Papillion SIDs or members of Papillion Landing are able to register for a Digital Access card that will grant access to our digital content and resources for no additional fee. This card goes up for renewal annually.

Other Membership Options

Other options are available based on business or professional needs. Please call the main library phone at (402)597-2040 or stop into the Sump Memorial Library for more information.