Vision, Mission & Values


Papillion will be a model for a safe and vibrant community; a place that feels like home with a thriving economy and sense of community pride that values recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities.


To preserve our small town feel and promote quality of life, while delivering exceptional services for our residents, visitors, and businesses, and to sustain an environment (physical, social, and economic) that people are proud to call “home”.


History - We take pride in where we’ve been. We respect our past.

Innovation - Be highly creative and always strive to connect new ideas to organizational goals. We’re excited about where we’re going. We are committed to our future. 

Integrity - Act with sound moral principles by being consistently honest, fair, and ethical.

Compassion - Serve each person in a caring and kind manner.

Responsiveness - Performing in a productive and proficient manner resulting in consistently achieving expected outcomes.

Strong Work Ethic - Work safely and effectively, taking personal pride in our work and in those who perform it.

Fiscal Responsibility - An obligation to be accountable to the fiscal policies of the City of Papillion by balancing efficiency and flexibility with budgetary discipline, while practicing long-term planning and prudent use of debt.

Respect - Treat all people with dignity and respect.  Be accepting, considerate, attentive, encouraging, and appreciative.

Good Communication - Frequently communicate through sharing, listening, and understanding.

Transparency - Conduct activities with complete and open transparency. Be accountable for our conduct and decisions.

Quality of Life - A safe and comfortable place to live, work, and play.

Strategic Goals