Comprehensive Plan Update

The Planning Department invites you to join us in the update to the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan is important because it identifies overall community goals and guides the city's growth and development policies. A critical component of the update is community involvement. Please help us develop a strong vision for Papillion by contributing your ideas, participating in public meetings, and reviewing the draft document.

At its most basic, a Comprehensive Plan is a community's common vision of what it hopes to become in the future - the quality of its residential neighborhoods; the places residents live, work, shop and play; the way people and goods move about the urban and rural areas; and the treatment of natural environmental features as development changes the rural landscape.  

Open House Documents

The Planning Department and our consultants with JEO/HDR held an Open House on August 14, 2019 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM to gather community input regarding the draft Comprehensive Plan Update. The documents presented at that Open House are linked below for your review. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the pending update to the Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Planning Department at (402) 597-2077 or

Current Plan

The current Comprehensive Plan was adopted in September 2002. This Plan describes in text, illustrations and maps how the city will grow over the next 20 (and more) years, and how the rural areas and small towns in the county will evolve to meet changing economic, social and environmental conditions.

Serving the Community

The Plan serves the needs of both private and public sector development. It depicts where, when and how important government facilities such as roads, utilities, fire stations, school, parks and libraries should be coordinated and constructed. These public facilities in turn support private sector growth as new neighborhoods, shopping centers, office complexes and manufacturing plants become part of the community.

Developing the Plan

The development of the Plan begins with an initial draft document prepared by the Planning Department. The development of the draft involves numerous citizens who contribute their views on the community's future.

Planning Commission

The Plan's preparation is coordinated through the Planning Commission - a 9-member citizen board appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council. The Commission's responsibility is to review the draft Plan prepared by the Planning Director, to hold public hearings on the draft Plan and to then make recommendations to the elected boards on the draft Plan and the planning policies it contains.

The City Council receives the Planning Commission's recommendations and then, after conducting a public hearing, vote to approve, deny or modify the Plan. The adopted Comprehensive Plan serves as a formal guide for the hundreds of regulatory decisions made by the city and county each year on land development.


A crucial part of the update process is to partner with the people who know Papillion best and are willing to share their opinions and insights.


A series of opportunities will be provided for community members to meet with our consultants from JEO Consulting Group, Inc. and HDR  and Planning Department staff to participate in the update process.


The final part of the update process is the review and adoption of the Comprehensive Plan Update. We encourage you to read the draft Plan and let us know if it meets your vision for the future of Papillion.