Tri-City Chaplaincy Program

What it's All About

Police officers are occasionally called into situations where they sense a member of the clergy would be helpful. Initial officer involvement may be important, but extended involvement keeps the officer away from other urgent situations.

Papillion, La Vista and Ralston have the ability to access governmental and social agencies designed to give aid to people, but some find it difficult to plug into the appropriate agency.

For these reasons, members of the local clergy have joined with the Papillion, La Vista and Ralston Police Departments to provide a Tri-City Police Chaplaincy Corps.

The Tri-City Police Chaplaincy Corps offers spiritual guidance and other assistance to people in crisis. It also serves as a communication link between people in crisis and their own spiritual advisors or the appropriate helping agency.

The Chaplaincy Corps is People Helping People

The Chaplaincy corps is comprised of licensed or ordained clergy from a cross section of the religious community of all three cities. Before becoming a member of the Tri-City Police Chaplaincy Corps, each clergy makes a written application, is screened by the Board of Directors, and then participates in an orientation and training process which includes some ride-along experience, role playing, familiarization of police procedures, and an orientation to local helping agencies.

After meeting the requirements of the orientation and training process, the clergy are commissioned as police chaplains and are given an identification card.

Each Chaplain is on duty for one week at a time. Other chaplains serve to provide assistance when the on-duty chaplain cannot be available. The value in this involvement is that the local congregation becomes a voluntary support team to the Papillion, La Vista and Ralston Police Departments.

What the Corps Does

The chaplain aids officers in rendering field service to the community. As an alternative way of handling calls, officers may request a chaplain in situations involving spiritual, emotional and other crisis situations.

Chaplains Provide Help With

  • Family disturbances
  • Lonely and despondent persons
  • Alcohol problems
  • Attempted suicide
  • Death notices
  • Counsel injured persons and their families
  • Abused spouses
  • Referrals
  • Fires
In addition, the chaplain is available upon request to law enforcement officers, firefighters, and their families for immediate crisis relief or counseling or other assistance.

There is no charge to anyone for these services. They are offered by the police and fire departments and local clergy through the support of each congregation.

For more information

  • Tri-City Police Chaplaincy Corps
    Attention: Senior Chaplain
    Papillion Police Department
    1000 E 1st Street
    Papillion, NE 68046
    Phone: 402-597-2035
  • Ralston Police Department
    Chief Marc Leonardo
    7400 Main Street
    Ralston, NE 68127
    Phone: 402-331-1786
  • La Vista Police Department
    Chief Robert Lausten
    7701 S 96th Street
    LaVista, NE 68128
    Phone: 402-331-1582

Our organization & Resources

The Chaplaincy Corps, organized in 1993, is organized under a board which consists of the Chiefs of Police in each city, one representative from each community, and three chaplains, including the Senior Chaplain. A car and police radio are provided for use by the Chaplain when on calls. An initial training program, ongoing training refreshers, the experience individual clergy bring to the program and the most important ingredient, God's love shown through the Chaplain, are the resources of each of the Chaplains.