Rules & Regulations

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Papio Bay Aquatic Center's management staff reserves the right to remove any guest from the facility or revoke season pass privileges for any severe or continuous violation of pool regulations or the season pass contractual agreement.

Hours of operation may be altered at any time during the season due to special circumstances (i.e. inclement weather, maintenance/safety concerns, staff shortages, private parties, etc.)

If Papio Bay does happen to close early due to inclement weather, we offer not refunds and no rain checks.

When Papio Bay reaches capacity, no entries will be allowed in during that time. Staff will re-evaluate after an hour. 


  • Papio Bay is not responsible for any lost/stolen items.  Papio bay employees will not hold or watch patrons' personal possessions.
  • Children ages ten (10) or younger must be under the direct supervision of a responsible person fourteen (14) or older.
  • Diaper changes must take place in the changing tables located in the bathhouse and are not allowed on the pool deck or in the pool area.
  • All swimmers must take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time.  Divers are allowed only one bounce and must jump straight off the end of the board in a forward motion.
  • Parents/guardians may not catch their children at the end of the water slides in the splash-down area.
  • At safety/break/adult swim, all swimmers must be seventeen (17) or older.  During the break, children must be two (2) or younger to be in the water with an adult.
  • Only U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are allowed.  No inflatable armbands are allowed.


  • The use of or consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • Smoking tobacco and tobacco-like products (including e-cigarettes and vapor products)
  • Gum chewing in the facility
  • Cut-offs or t-shirts
  • Glass objects of any type including baby food jars
  • Coolers, food, and beverages
  • Loitering around lifeguard stands
  • Running or rough play (except supervised water sports) in or near the pool, slides, bathhouses, and diving boards
  • Any flotation devices including inflatable armbands.  Pool noodle's are allowed.
  • Swimming or loitering in the water slide splash-down area
  • Flips or diving off the side of the pool
  • Swimwear containing metal
  • Going down the slides backwards or headfirst
  • Riding the sides or rails of the slides.  Hands must be kept inside the slides at all times
  • Stopping, kneeling, or standing on the slides
  • Large radios. Only personal sized radios, such as iPods or mp3 players with headphones, are allowed
  • Use of the pool by persons having an obvious communicable disease, skin eruption, cut, sore, lesion, or an eye, ear, nose, or throat infection