National Community Survey - 2021

Purpose: Gauge residents’ perspectives of Papillion

  • Sample – 2,700 Randomly Selected Papillion Households (Margin of error: +/- 4%)
  • Conducted by National Research Center
  • Comparable to Hundreds of Other Communities Nationwide

Almost all residents gave positive marks (good or excellent) to:

  • Papillion as a place to live (96% excellent or good)
  • Their neighborhood as a place to live (95%) 
  • Overall quality of life in the city (94%)
  • Papillion as a place to raise children (94%)
  • Overall image or reputation of Papillion (94%) 

About 9 in 10 residents would recommend living in Papillion to someone else and plan to remain in Papillion for the next five years. About 9 in 10 residents also gave positive marks to:

  • Overall quality of services and customer service provided by the City of Papillion 
  • Economic health of the city
  • Police, fire and ambulance/EMS services and overall feeling of safety in Papillion 
  • Quality of parks and recreation opportunities, city parks, recreation opportunities, and public library services 
  • Appearance of the city and cleanliness of the city
  • Ease of travel by car in the city, snow removal and street lighting

About 8 in 10 residents gave positive marks to:

  • The city’s overall direction, our government being honest, generally acting in the best interest of the community, and treating residents with respect 
  • Papillion as a place to work, the overall quality of business and service establishments in the city, and economic development
  • The ease of walking and street cleaning

About 7 in 10 residents gave positive marks to:

  • Traffic flow on major streets, ease of public parking, ease of travel by bicycle, sidewalk maintenance and street repair
  • Overall confidence in Papillion government, how well the City welcomes resident involvement, City openness and transparency to the public, how well the City informs residents about issues facing the community, and treating all residents fairly
  • The variety of business and service establishments, vibrancy of the downtown/commercial area, employment opportunities, and shopping opportunities

About 5 in 10 rated the cost of living in Papillion as excellent or good.

The topics listed under the “7-in-10” and “5-in-10” categories were generally stable with several increasing from 2017, including the overall quality of business and service establishments, the vibrancy of downtown/commercial area, and employment opportunities.

Papillion scored higher than the national benchmark for about two-thirds of topics and similar to the benchmark for about one-third of topics. Only four topics scored below the national benchmark: Quality of recycling services offered in Papillion (51% excellent or good), bus or transit services (34% excellent or good), use of public transportation instead of driving (5% yes), and if the resident has campaigned or advocated for a local issue, cause or candidate (11% yes).

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