What are the natural and beneficial functions of the floodplain?

Floodplains are the low areas adjacent to rivers, lakes, and oceans. They are dynamic ecosystems that provide flood water conveyance and storage, fertile soil for agriculture, groundwater recharge, and sediment control. Floodplains are characterized as either riverine or coastal. The floodplains within the City of Papillion are riverine floodplains. Riverine floodplains that are still in their natural state have an important impact on flooding. Flood waters are able to spread over a large area when the floodplain is free of encroachment. Spreading flood waters across a large area reduces the flood velocity and reduces the peak flows downstream. The reduction of velocity reduces both flood damage and flood related erosion. Preservation of the floodplain also improves water quality because the natural cover filters impurities and nutrients from runoff. This minimizes sediment loads and impurities. Floodplains also moderate water temperature which reduces the possibility of negative impacts on aquatic plants and animals. Floodplains can also act as recharge areas for groundwater by promoting infiltration and aquifer recharge. They provide habitat for diverse species of plants and animals, which may not be able to live in any other location. Floodplains are important as both breeding and feeding grounds.

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