How do I place an item on hold?


- You can login directly to the catalog or click on the Catalog link.

- Use your 14-digit library card number as your login and your last name (in lower-case, no caps) as your password. (If your card doesn’t have a 14-digit number, please stop by the library to get it relabeled.) If you have problems, please call us at 402-597-2040)

- Type in the title you want to place on hold in the Search box under the library photos and click the Go button.

- Click on the underlined Title of the item you want.

- Click on Place Hold on the right-side of the Item Details screen.

- Click the Place Hold button on the Hold Confirmation screen.

- You will be taken to your Holds screen showing the Hold has been placed.

- You can cancel or suspend Holds on this screen too.

- If you are going to be away, consider suspending your holds until you return so you don’t miss out on the item you’ve been waiting for.

- You will get an email and/or a phone call when your hold is ready to be picked up depending on how you’ve instructed the library to contact you.

- The item will be held for pickup for 7 days.

- You must have the library card the item was placed on hold for to pick it up.

- If you want to place a particular item on hold like a specific DVD from a TV series, please contact us and we can place that hold for you.

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