What will I find at the farmers market?
At the Papillion Farmers Market you will find fresh produce, home baked goods, organic soaps, freshly made food ready to eat such as BBQ and enchiladas. There are also a variety of home based business that have great products for everyday living. Check us out on Wednesdays in Papillion City Park. There's something new every week!

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1. Papillion Farmers Market
2. I am a musician interested in playing one night at your market, who do I contact?
3. What should I bring to the Market?
4. Can I bring my pet to the market?
5. Does the market sell organic products?
6. How do I pay?
7. What are the dates and hours?
8. What will I find at the farmers market?
9. Why should I shop at the farmers market when my supermarket sells organic and sometimes even local food?
10. Are prices for food the same at farmers markets as in grocery stores?
11. When I shop at a farmers market, where does my money go?
12. What if I have more questions?